OVER $114,000

The Koch-funded Libre Initiative is the “new frontier” of the Koch network, pouring in over a hundred thousand dollars  to try to get Latinos to vote against their own best interests. The Libre Initiative claims to be a grassroots organization mobilizing Hispanics, but experts say it encourages Hispanics to support policies that go “against their own interests” and will “disenfranchise Hispanic voters.”

Sources: Federal Election Commission, Las Vegas Review-Journal, 9/3/16, Media Matters 3/2/15

“One Koch-backed group focused on ‘education’ of Latino voters, the Libre Institute, is working to undermine Cortez Masto’s base.”

New York Magazine, 8/30/16

“The stance means the organization, formed to promote economic opportunity for Latinos, will be trying to defeat the woman who would be the first Latina elected to the Senate.”

New York Times, 8/30/16